Fields of application of our magnets

Customized solutions

Custom-designed solenoids can be found wherever individual solutions with the highest requirements are needed.

Applications for:

In our case, customer-specific solutions mean locking solenoids for elevators, miniature solenoids in medical technology, short-stroke solenoids for circuit breakers and many more.

Our magnets can be found wherever quality and performance can make the difference.

Isliker Magnete Applikationen scaled e1656682805705

In 3 steps to the solenoid developed especially for you


Send request

Send us your inquiry. We will contact you to discuss the product requirements together so that we can start development with a complete set of specifications.



You will receive a solution proposal from us and then a prototype with which you can test the function in your application.


Zero series and product launch

Your solenoid will be further developed until your application is ready for series production. Depending on the scope, specific production capacities are also provided for this.

Power Engineering

Isliker Magnete Anwendungsbereiche Abschalten Leistungsschalter
Isliker Mangete Ausloesemagnet MCCB

Release solenoid

For reliable and fast disconnection in the event of a short circuit in circuit breakers (MCCB)

Isliker Magnete Anwendungsbereiche FI Schalter Schutz
Isliker Magnete Applikationen scaled e1656682805705

Release solenoid

Ground fault circuit interrupter (RCD) with a tripping solenoid is the most effective protection against electric shock

Machinery Industry

Isliker Magnete Anwendungsbereiche Sortieren Glas Recycling
Isliker Magnete Pantentiert Ventil Stellantrieb

Patented valve solenoid

Electromagnet with integrated pneumatic valve for sorting, for example, in the recycling of glass

Isliker Magnete Anwendungsbereiche Sortieren Banknoten
Isliker Magnete Anwendungsbereiche bistabiler Drehmagnet

Bistable rotary solenoid

Used in fully automatic banknote sorting systems as a switch drive for sorting banknotes

Medical Technology

Isliker Magnete Anwendungsbereiche Dentaltechnik Vermessung
Isliker Magnete Anwendungsbereiche Kleinstmagnet Dental

Micro magnet

Operates the camera aperture for measuring teeth in dental technology

Isliker Magnete Anwendungsbereiche Ventil Steuerung Beatmung
Isliker Magnete Anwendungsbereiche Ventilmagnet Medizin

Valve solenoid

For the control of breathing air supply in ventilators

Security Industry

Isliker Magnete Anwendungsbereiche Verriegelungseinheit Riegelkurve
Isliker Magnete Anwendungsbereiche Elektromagnetische Verriegelungseinheit

Electromagnetic locking unit

Solenoids with electronics for pull-in, hold control or with integrated end position monitoring

Isliker Magnete Anwendungsbereiche PWM Ansteuerung
Hubmagnet PWM Verriegelung

Solenoid with PWM control

For locking individual doors on elevators with pull/hold function

Isliker Magnete Anwendungsbereiche Verriegelungseinheit Riegelkurve
Isliker Magnete Anwendungsbereiche Elektromagnet Riegelkurve

Electromagnetic retiring ramp

Safety interlock on elevators

Mining / Underground mining

Isliker Magnete Anwendungsbereiche Bergbau Hydraulik Ansteuerung 01
Isliker Magnete Anwendungsbereiche Bergbau Hydraulik Ansteuerung 02

Solenoid for controlling hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulically driven props are used in underground mining, in all types of geological conditions

Isliker Magnete Kurzhubmagnet Untertagebau
Isliker Magnete Anwendungsbereiche Kurzhubmagnet Steuerung

Short-stroke solenoid

For controlling and locking power contacts. In mining, a reliable power supply is essential under the harshest environmental conditions.

Defense Technology

Isliker Magnete Anwendungsbereiche Wehrtechnik MIL Panzer
Isliker Magnete Hubmagnet MIL

Solenoid according to MIL standard

These magnets are used in weapon stations as actuators for various functions. The main features of these special solenoids are very short reaction times coupled with extreme functional reliability under the most difficult conditions.

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